• Waterdrops

    25 december 2020

    When a drop of water falls down in my sink, it is a melancholy sound. I did not close my tap enough, was my short impulse in my head.

    At night when I hear the drops falling from the scaffolding before the façade of my apartment its like a sound out of tune. Then I know it’s raining.

    A strange feeling enters my mind: a falling drop is like the time that is passing by. It’s like the ticking of a clock, every drop is a step further into the unknown future. Should the drops know the future? Should it know the rhythmical steps it makes?

    Every time I listen at night to the waterdrops my thoughts takes me into limitless thinking. Why always in the night, with one exception of the falling waterdrops in my sink? Are we more sensitive to that sound during the night than during the day? I just do not know. Thinking in the night helps me in my creative process. Which colors should I use in my new painting? What will be my next intuitive drawing? Then suddenly the falling drops sharpens my wandering mind.

    It brings me back to the reality of this world in 2020.

    The melancholy sound is the melancholy of the time where we live in. A melancholy world where we are trying to outsmart each other by greed and power. Gives me a melancholy mood because we are ultimately trying to forget how much human beings are starving and fleeing.

    Every waterdrop reminds me of how much racism and injustice there is in this melancholy world. Every time it rains it rains: no pennies from heaven, just tears.

    When I am outside into the rain, the waterdrops should cool my mind. Flushing my melancholy away and fill it with hope. With every waterdrop falling in my sink, falling from the scaffolding, I hope to come closer to a world without the melancholy I feel now.

    When after the rain the sun is shining through the clouds, it will give a silver lining. Maybe a rainbow, somewhere over the rainbow bluebird’s fly.

    These are lines from well known songs from the American Songbook. If I hear some of those songs it takes away my melancholy even when it rains. It will give me a faint hope that somewhere at the end of the rainbow we will discover gold.

    A golden future for this melancholy world enclosed into a waterdrop.






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  • Stardust

    17 december 2020

    Stardust theme used as a film. Used in poems and in dreams that we as Human beings are made of stardust.

    Few people are realizing themselves that we and all life here on earth are built of the material that has been formed in the center of the stars. There have been so many generations of stars before the emergence of our sun and our earth, so there should be oxygen, carbon, chalk and all those elements needed for life on this earth. No life could be possible on this planet without those elements.

    What did we do with that stardust? Where in the evolution of mankind did it go wrong? The stardust we are made of created brain cloven monsters? What will be our difference with the so-called animals? Are we just humans in our dreams and just in our fantasies: we are the top of the evolution?

    When we are gazing in the night to the heavens and see all those beautiful stars and, if possible, because of the light pollution, the Milky way. We are dreaming of ever going to the stars, but we are not able to create a safe and healthy society on this planet. We are not able to live without power and greed. We humans made of stardust are incomplete, we have not reached an evolutionary moment in time that we can say: yes, we are civilized human beings.

    What more can we say about stardust, we are an integral part of the evolution of the Universe! Somewhere we were separated during that evolution as a lifeform on this planet we call Earth. Can we call that a lucky strike in the evolution or just a sad dichotomy in an evolution gone wrong?

    Should we continue our dreams and call us the happy few who are created by that evolution? Or must we rethink our goals how we should handle all living things on this planet? We as human beings are responsible for this planet. We are given the intellect and the will power to form a future where we will live in peaceful coexistence with all our fellow humans and all the living thing on this unique planet!

    Is stardust just a faint remanence of a path in our evolution? Are we able to make the right choices and make this planet a Paradise again?

    Let’s make that dreams come true. Let’s make this planet livable again. We as social animals can realize our dreams. Let’s take our responsibilities again. Let’s try to forget power and greed.

    We still have time and before we return to stardust and looking back with our last smile on our faces: yes, we did it!

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  • Walking Apes

    26 september 2020

    Gandhi, who answered on the question what he thought of the Western Civilization said: that’s a good idea!

    So the next question could be: is there a Western Civilization? If so, how would we describe it in civilized terms? We are indeed walking Apes with the idea that we are rational thinking Human beings.

    Is that a mistake? No, because our brains are our problem. As I have wrote it before: we have reptile brains with a new layer over it. The NeoCortex. What do we do with our new brains and our opposable thumbs? We make things. We are creators and planners of beautiful and technical things. Ah, but then comes our reptile brain, our primeval time brain which is still leading our behavior. No matter what we create or make, it will destroy it by i.e. xenophobia, greed, power, war, slavery, murder etc. etc...

    Our brain, which was a beautiful step in the evolution of Man, has become our doom. We have proven it in the last 12000 years that we are unable to live with a split brain, with an unsynchronized development history in our brain.

    In the mean time I am staying speechless and looking around and still amaze me: what will become of the Walking Apes?

    Time will tell!





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  • Speechless

    19 september 2020

    I am speechless and I can’t breathe. My eyes are wide open when I remember all my murdered family during WW II. I am speechless when I look at the world today. This world, were on the most successful species” the Human” lives and how he is behaving.

     Speechless; I can’t find words anymore. As an artist I can’t express it in images nor in drawing nor in painting.

    My eyes are staring at my drawing paper and at my canvas. My arms won’t move and my hands are frozen. My breathing stops while I am trying to break the spell.

    So I am sitting now before my laptop and try to translate my thoughts into words. The concepts are blocked and my words are disappearing into a misty world of sounds.

    What kind of wind is blowing through our society? What is going through our brains? Maybe we are losing our future, maybe the time has come that we must protect our Foundation (Isaac Asimov: The Foundation trilogy)? Has the Mule arrived and are we forced into decades of extremism, fascism and suppressing of all Human values? Is it possible to change these strange winds?

    While I am forcing to bent my speechlessness into uttering words: is it possible to wander another road? Know where to go if the road is split up? We have no map and no compass, what do we do then?

    So while I am staring through my window to the outside world. See how people are passing by my window how they look and walk. The sun is shining and birds are flying past. What a wonderful world; sung and played by Louis Armstrong, still gives me goose buttons. It is a wonderful world! What has happened to our fellow humans?

    The answer is blowing in the wind. If that wind won’t change we will be lost forever.

    I am staying speechless behind and my staring eyes will see a lost world.



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  • Tipping point

    30 augustus 2020

    Tipping point has been reached when there is no way back to a stabilized moment. It is a point of no return. Now we have reached the end of an era, we cannot go back to the old way of living.

    Most of us think we have built a civilization which is disappearing at this moment, but we never had a civilization of Man. We have just built a technological civilization with all the technical landscape which surrounds us in today’s society.

     We have reached a tipping point were now all the ice sheets on the poles are disappearing in a dangerous pace. Even the permafrost thaws. Our political systems are collapsing into dangerous fascistic movements while the people in those countries won’t see it happen; maybe they turn a blind eye.

    The earth is warming. Massive amount of people are migrating because there is not enough water to grow crops. And because there is no food enough they cannot make a living out of it.

    Tipping point is a moment when in a very short time there are big changes taking place. Societies are being shaken up and confused. When we have reached that tipping point, will we be able to transform our economy? In a way that everybody in that society can make a living? Give people a universal basic income, so that if they have no income they still can pay the rent, buy food and pay for the education of their children.

    We have to create a society wherein the social and ecology compassion will be central. Do we think that every one of us has a choice? No, sometimes you will be forced to do things which you do not like, because the circumstances dictate it. Now that time has come! We are forced to make choices for the near future to survive as societies and still have a future for our children.

    The tipping point or transition is near. Which way the ball is rolling, we just do not know, but we have to know it. And create a vision and policies for the short and long period of time, to control these transitions. The Mules (“Foundation Trilogy” by Isaac Asimov) must be stopped. They will destroy our planet, our economy, our societies and our dreams of the future. And can we also learn from the book “The Human Condition” by Hannah Arendt?

    There is still hope in my heart. Hope that we are intelligent animals. The Homo Sapiens created all this technology, but forgot to create a Human. A Human who will be able to revive our lost Paradise. We do live in a Paradise, but somewhere we have lost sight of the beauty of our own planet. Lost sight how we can live as a Human.

    Do not let us reach that tipping point ever!




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  • Hope

    13 augustus 2020

    “There is no hope that we’ll ever live in a rational, sensible, well-organized, kind, intelligent society” (John Cleese, The Telegraph)


    That is indeed a depressing statement, but I will short follow this statement: yes seeing the situation in the world today and you read his statement, then yes the state of this world is indeed becoming a little bit dangerous.

    I said a little bit. I mean from the almost eight billion people who are now living on our beautiful planet, there must be people with some rationale way of thinking. Who will have a kind of vision to see through the manipulations of their demagogues? Who are rising in their strange and dangerous way of creating the politics in their countries?

    I will cling to hope. We as human beings have survived bad and said situations and lived through it. Sadly to say that fascism is rising very fast in a growing number of countries. Which are going back to the tribe and nationalism also? I hope, still, that there are people who are willing to keep this beautiful planet livable, sensible, well-organized, kind and intelligent. We are, or should be, the only intelligent species on this Earth.

    We have to give our children a chance to live in a world in which they are the heirs of our society. We must give our children hope and keep the future bright for them. We can’t let it go. We are all responsible for this, on this moment the only livable, planet. We are responsible not letting this planet change into an unlivable trash belt, mentally and physically...

    We can’t let it go. I do not want to tell my children: look, see around you, we as adults let it go to change in such an unlivable dystopian society. I do not want to explain to my children why we lost our intelligence and just changed into a bunch of animals running into a future abyss.

    There will always be Hope, hope that we will use our intelligence and our ratio to overcome these terrible times, but we should start right now. Right on this moment we have to make the choice which will lead us into a better future of a:




    Kind and

    Intelligent society.


    We will have no CHOICE. There is no parallel Planet like Earth is where we can go to if you do not like this Planet!!!

    Have a nice day everybody.

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  • Wind of Change

    4 augustus 2020

    As the wind of change is raging over our planet, we try to survive in our classical way of living.

    Like an empty can who is pushed forwards by that wind and we will never know when it will be stopped and where.

    Are we empty cans who are hoping that time is changing? We are no empty cans. We are intelligent animals and we must stop to behave like the empty can!

    We must scan our horizons of possibilities to survive these difficult times. Luke Rendell a biological scientist spoke about our cosmic loneliness on this planet.

    Humans are a resulting force in the ecological and evolutional context. We can’t behave differently in the shifting climate of this time and also, we have shown are own limitations in the still raging pandemic.

    We are not conscious of that cosmic loneliness. If that should be the case maybe we will behave differently in these apocalyptic times. Then we have to stop moving into a dystopian society. That wind of change should change our thoughts and move us into another direction.

    Paradise Lost (John Milton) contains classic Christian themes. There were Adam and Eve and the snake. That was a simple way of telling us that we must not listen to bad advice.

    How should we in these times bring our self the realization that our cosmic loneliness brings us the power to free our self from these dystopian developments? Do we have the power to develop a vision wherein we will reorder our future? We must reorder our future in such a way that we can reshape those developments?

    That there will be emerging a new hope for the poor and the under privileged and injustice will become justice. Every man from every race gets the same chances. Politics will be reformed into a real social-democracy.

    Some where there must be people who are thinking in the same way too. We must not lose our paradise which has been given to us during our evolutionary developments.

    Then suddenly somewhere there is an alarm ringing. I becoming awake and hear outside my room a strong wind blowing. Sadly, I become aware of my dream.

    I sigh. A new day starts with new hope and maybe new dreams. I walk to the bathroom.

    Have a nice day everybody.


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  • Changing our way of thinking

    4 augustus 2020

    Somewhere, deep in our brains there is something old, very old. The structure of our brains: our “old” brain part and the “new” part of it. Can we overcome that strange separation by changing our way of thinking in the “new” part? Can we train our so called ratio so that we can accept every human being on this planet?

    We must try to think without our fear, our xenophobia for the stranger who enters our world. Without our fear of the color of our fellow human being!

    Can we reform our society so that we can give every human being the same chances and possibilities?

    We must regain our flexibility and learn about what anthropologies have found that we are all descendants from Africa a very long time ago. (https://phys.org/news/2007-05-theory-modern-humans-descended-small.html)

     Education is the basic of our “civilization”. (https://www.tni.org/en/article/knowledge-and-civilization)  We will have to educate our children and their children to rethink our society so they can expand their horizons. There is an essential linkage between knowledge and the growth of civilizations. Our approach to our fellow man: in our neighbors, in our schools and universities, in our work surroundings. In short: everywhere!

    We have to walk a very long path to overcome structural (systemic) racism. If you want to change the deep rooted culture of racism in our society, I mean which is rooted in all the countries all over the world, we must educate, educate …. for at least two or three generations. Starting NOW!

    It’s about time that our curricula began to empower learners of all ages everywhere to take education into their own hands and refocus humanity’s hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

     ( From  Raya Bidshahri )



    Otherwise we will lose momentum of the situation as is today.

    We must push the changes and thinking what is now going on into a vision. We will have to develop a vision in which human kind will overcome poverty, ignorance and racism.

    Create a vision to create a climate friendly world wherein everybody can have health insurance, enjoy their old age when all the work has been done.

    Create a vision of hope. We have to! We can’t wait anymore, because time is running out!


    I wrote this very short piece, because I am worried. I do not think I can give any smart solution, but I have seen and read that a lot of people around the world are thinking the same as I have proposed here before.

    I hope we can bend the political power into a vision that will start to change the world.

    We the people can make it happen. We must, sadly, always be aware of greed and authoritarian behavior and manipulating by demagogues.

    Amsterdam, June 16, 2020.

    Mark Pol.

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  • Wind

    12 juni 2020

    Wij fietsen door de wijk waarin wij wonen. De zon glinstert achter een dunne sluier wolken. De wind is koud en krachtig. Er rolt een blikje over de stoep en trekt al rammelend mijn aandacht.

    Een melancholieke gedachte van eenzaamheid flitst door mijn hoofd. Als er niemand meer zou zijn in deze wijk. Als alles zou zijn uitgestorven en er een totale leegte zou zijn met alleen het rammelende blikje voortgestuwd door de wind. Een blikje eenzaam tussen het zich opstapelend vuil.

    Een stapel die steeds hoger zou worden door het gebrek aan vlijtig schoonmakende en opruimende medewerkers van de gemeente reinigingsdienst. Hoe lang zou het blikje nog kunnen voort rammelen?

     Hoeveel jaren zouden er voorbij gaan voordat het blikje, aangetast door de tijd, zou verdwijnen. Het voortrollen gestopt zal zijn. Zal er dan nog wind zijn? De wijk zal waarschijnlijk helemaal zijn verwilderd. Het zou zijn veranderd in een ondoordringbare jungle. De gebouwen zouden zijn overwoekerd en onherkenbaar veranderd in spookachtige groen uitgeslagen ruïnes.

    De tijd zal uiteindelijk elke rest van onze beschaving hebben uitgewist. De stad zo als wij die nu kennen zal volledig worden gewist en de contouren daarvan zouden verdwijnen. Al het vuil en ook mijn blikje zal volledig zijn opgenomen en verdwenen zijn door de kracht van de natuur. Niets zal nog worden herinnerd aan ons dierlijk mens zijn.

    En als de wind verdwenen is zo zal ook de zon zijn verdwenen als aanjager van de wind. Of wij worden opgeslorpt door de zon als rode reus en dan allang zijn verschroeid. Of al het leven op deze aardbol is verdwenen door extreme klimaatveranderingen.

    Amsterdam, 27 mei 2020.

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  • A summer day in May

    22 mei 2020

    We were sitting in our small garden at the side of a not so busy street. Watching life goes by and seeing silly people, serious people and strange people. The sun gives everything a lovely lightness. While sitting there I hear patches of voices, mixed with incoherence music.

    Sometimes the voices are too much for me, so I reenter our apartment through the French windows.

    In our apartment I am walking aimlessly through the rooms at the same time I collect my drawing book and color pencils to take them outside. The voices are muted a little bit so I can start to concentrate on my drawing.

    While the birds are playing in the trees and I am trying to concentrate on my drawing, my thoughts are pulling me into another mood. I am tossed between melancholy and hope.

     A bee is humming around the flowers. My eyes are seeing that wondrous insect, which are so important for our well being on this planet. I return to my thoughts and focus on hope.

    Hope that humankind will make the right decisions in the near future about how we create a society were in everybody will live a healthy, peaceful and happy life.

    I know that hope is a more or less stupid way of thinking, but never the less it always comes to my mind if I think about those things.

    A summer day in May in our little garden it make you think about the vulnerability of life itself. How we will disappear forever at the end of our lives. And the hope, there is it again, that our children has the luck and good times to make the right choices.

    A summer day in May: how happy we are to live in it!

    Mark Pol


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