When a drop of water falls down in my sink, it is a melancholy sound. I did not close my tap enough, was my short impulse in my head.

At night when I hear the drops falling from the scaffolding before the façade of my apartment its like a sound out of tune. Then I know it’s raining.

A strange feeling enters my mind: a falling drop is like the time that is passing by. It’s like the ticking of a clock, every drop is a step further into the unknown future. Should the drops know the future? Should it know the rhythmical steps it makes?

Every time I listen at night to the waterdrops my thoughts takes me into limitless thinking. Why always in the night, with one exception of the falling waterdrops in my sink? Are we more sensitive to that sound during the night than during the day? I just do not know. Thinking in the night helps me in my creative process. Which colors should I use in my new painting? What will be my next intuitive drawing? Then suddenly the falling drops sharpens my wandering mind.

It brings me back to the reality of this world in 2020.

The melancholy sound is the melancholy of the time where we live in. A melancholy world where we are trying to outsmart each other by greed and power. Gives me a melancholy mood because we are ultimately trying to forget how much human beings are starving and fleeing.

Every waterdrop reminds me of how much racism and injustice there is in this melancholy world. Every time it rains it rains: no pennies from heaven, just tears.

When I am outside into the rain, the waterdrops should cool my mind. Flushing my melancholy away and fill it with hope. With every waterdrop falling in my sink, falling from the scaffolding, I hope to come closer to a world without the melancholy I feel now.

When after the rain the sun is shining through the clouds, it will give a silver lining. Maybe a rainbow, somewhere over the rainbow bluebird’s fly.

These are lines from well known songs from the American Songbook. If I hear some of those songs it takes away my melancholy even when it rains. It will give me a faint hope that somewhere at the end of the rainbow we will discover gold.

A golden future for this melancholy world enclosed into a waterdrop.