Stardust theme used as a film. Used in poems and in dreams that we as Human beings are made of stardust.

Few people are realizing themselves that we and all life here on earth are built of the material that has been formed in the center of the stars. There have been so many generations of stars before the emergence of our sun and our earth, so there should be oxygen, carbon, chalk and all those elements needed for life on this earth. No life could be possible on this planet without those elements.

What did we do with that stardust? Where in the evolution of mankind did it go wrong? The stardust we are made of created brain cloven monsters? What will be our difference with the so-called animals? Are we just humans in our dreams and just in our fantasies: we are the top of the evolution?

When we are gazing in the night to the heavens and see all those beautiful stars and, if possible, because of the light pollution, the Milky way. We are dreaming of ever going to the stars, but we are not able to create a safe and healthy society on this planet. We are not able to live without power and greed. We humans made of stardust are incomplete, we have not reached an evolutionary moment in time that we can say: yes, we are civilized human beings.

What more can we say about stardust, we are an integral part of the evolution of the Universe! Somewhere we were separated during that evolution as a lifeform on this planet we call Earth. Can we call that a lucky strike in the evolution or just a sad dichotomy in an evolution gone wrong?

Should we continue our dreams and call us the happy few who are created by that evolution? Or must we rethink our goals how we should handle all living things on this planet? We as human beings are responsible for this planet. We are given the intellect and the will power to form a future where we will live in peaceful coexistence with all our fellow humans and all the living thing on this unique planet!

Is stardust just a faint remanence of a path in our evolution? Are we able to make the right choices and make this planet a Paradise again?

Let’s make that dreams come true. Let’s make this planet livable again. We as social animals can realize our dreams. Let’s take our responsibilities again. Let’s try to forget power and greed.

We still have time and before we return to stardust and looking back with our last smile on our faces: yes, we did it!