Somewhere, deep in our brains there is something old, very old. The structure of our brains: our “old” brain part and the “new” part of it. Can we overcome that strange separation by changing our way of thinking in the “new” part? Can we train our so called ratio so that we can accept every human being on this planet?

We must try to think without our fear, our xenophobia for the stranger who enters our world. Without our fear of the color of our fellow human being!

Can we reform our society so that we can give every human being the same chances and possibilities?

We must regain our flexibility and learn about what anthropologies have found that we are all descendants from Africa a very long time ago. (

 Education is the basic of our “civilization”. (  We will have to educate our children and their children to rethink our society so they can expand their horizons. There is an essential linkage between knowledge and the growth of civilizations. Our approach to our fellow man: in our neighbors, in our schools and universities, in our work surroundings. In short: everywhere!

We have to walk a very long path to overcome structural (systemic) racism. If you want to change the deep rooted culture of racism in our society, I mean which is rooted in all the countries all over the world, we must educate, educate …. for at least two or three generations. Starting NOW!

It’s about time that our curricula began to empower learners of all ages everywhere to take education into their own hands and refocus humanity’s hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

 ( From  Raya Bidshahri )



Otherwise we will lose momentum of the situation as is today.

We must push the changes and thinking what is now going on into a vision. We will have to develop a vision in which human kind will overcome poverty, ignorance and racism.

Create a vision to create a climate friendly world wherein everybody can have health insurance, enjoy their old age when all the work has been done.

Create a vision of hope. We have to! We can’t wait anymore, because time is running out!


I wrote this very short piece, because I am worried. I do not think I can give any smart solution, but I have seen and read that a lot of people around the world are thinking the same as I have proposed here before.

I hope we can bend the political power into a vision that will start to change the world.

We the people can make it happen. We must, sadly, always be aware of greed and authoritarian behavior and manipulating by demagogues.

Amsterdam, June 16, 2020.

Mark Pol.