We were sitting in our small garden at the side of a not so busy street. Watching life goes by and seeing silly people, serious people and strange people. The sun gives everything a lovely lightness. While sitting there I hear patches of voices, mixed with incoherence music.

Sometimes the voices are too much for me, so I reenter our apartment through the French windows.

In our apartment I am walking aimlessly through the rooms at the same time I collect my drawing book and color pencils to take them outside. The voices are muted a little bit so I can start to concentrate on my drawing.

While the birds are playing in the trees and I am trying to concentrate on my drawing, my thoughts are pulling me into another mood. I am tossed between melancholy and hope.

 A bee is humming around the flowers. My eyes are seeing that wondrous insect, which are so important for our well being on this planet. I return to my thoughts and focus on hope.

Hope that humankind will make the right decisions in the near future about how we create a society were in everybody will live a healthy, peaceful and happy life.

I know that hope is a more or less stupid way of thinking, but never the less it always comes to my mind if I think about those things.

A summer day in May in our little garden it make you think about the vulnerability of life itself. How we will disappear forever at the end of our lives. And the hope, there is it again, that our children has the luck and good times to make the right choices.

A summer day in May: how happy we are to live in it!

Mark Pol


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